The implications of the European Union and its enlargement process are of vital importance to all stakeholders, from multinational corporations and regional businesses to public institutions and non-governmental organizations, in the region covered by EU candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), potential candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) and the European Neighbourhood in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Moldova).

For foreign investors in all countries in the Region, the difference between success and failure often depends on the strength of connections in government and business. ECS-BRUSSELS serves as a guide to help clients effectively navigate the local playing field.

Our knowledge of local business practices and our presence in the European Union position our team perfectly to implement public affairs strategies in all centres of political and corporate decision-making.

Based in Brussels, ECS-BRUSSELS European & Corporate Strategy is the leader and pioneer in EU-Region related European and public affairs consulting, providing strategic, legal and financial consultancy services within the Region and the EU.