ECS-BRUSSELS provides European affairs management and government relations expertise for clients with issues related particularly to the constantly evolving political system in all countries in the Region. ECS closely follows political and legal developments across key sectors. In order to facilitate the best possible implementation of EU integration, ECS helps to solve possible problems arising from the functioning of the Customs Union, including competition law, intellectual property rights, instruments related to the removal of technical barriers to trade, and anti-dumping cases. Working closely with clients, ECS helps devise strategic plans for gaining the most from EU financial opportunities, while leveraging its alliances and contacts among key decision-makers.

We help clients understand the functioning of the EU and the issues that impact their businesses. We then develop strategies to achieve their policy goals.

With consultants in Brussels, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Skopje, Podgorica, Kiev, Pristine and Tirana, ECS-BRUSSELS applies international business expertise, combined with expert knowledge of local bureaucracy, to leverage client business interests in the regional political environment.

In Brussels, where ECS-BRUSSELS headquarters are located, our expertise is focused on the fields of networking within the EU Commission, the European Parliament and relevant peripheral institutions and organizations. Our long-established relations with national representatives, interest groups and sector representatives give us a much-needed advantage regarding public relations strategies to be put in motion.

EU candidate countries, potential candidate countries and the European Neighbourhood in Eastern Europe remains our expanding market with a great future in Europe. Here we offer a unique range of services to our regional and European clients, based on our sound knowledge of the local market, its legislative structure and its functioning. Our contacts within government spheres and among high-ranking civil servants in all countries in the Region have allowed us to monitor and solve a number of important cases pertaining to issues of investment, trade and EU harmonization.